Bertha Benz
When it comes to the world of cars there's no question that women are severely under-represented. For example, only 13% of the top executives in the auto industry are women, while there have only ever been two female Formula 1 drivers that have started a race.

Meanwhile, lads mags and popular culture still promote the image of women only being fit to wave a flag to start a road race, or to put on their skimpiest outfits to give a car a wash.

This website has been designed to celebrate and raise awareness of the real achievements that women have made when it comes to cars. From designers and innovators to racers and even journalists, countless women have smashed through walls to leave a woman-shaped hole big enough for the young girls they have inspired to follow.

Obviously we couldn't fit in every woman that has made a contribution to the world of motoring and some of the entries may be contentious, but the purpose of this list isn't to be authoritative. Instead it's hoped that it'll get you thinking about the women that are often overlooked. After all, for every Karl Benz there's often a Bertha behind him, just waiting to roar ahead.